D (revenante) wrote in dennispotter,

Dennis Potter Box Set

My eyes must be playing tricks on me - a big Dennis Potter DVD Box Set!

I'm sad that this set is a) quite expensive and b) undoubtedly doomed to never be released in Region 1... but STILL! It makes me happy that these are being released on DVD at all.
I wonder why they're not releasing Lipstick On Your Collar... hmmmm. I'd love to have a good copy of that one.
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Quite expensive indeed, anyone know how much is that in dollars? so I can then change it to pesos?
I have a converter and the result isn't pretty: in US dollars it's $143.45, which seems to be 1,543.13 in Pesos.
I live in Canada and our dollar is even worse than the American dollar, so whenever I do a conversion from Pounds to my currency, I have a bit of a heart attack.
Heh, it looks way more criminal in pesos... That's around the money you'd get for working part-time for a month.
Sadly it seems no-one is claiming ownership of Karoke or Cold Lazarus, part of the problem I think is that it was a joint producation for the BBC and Channel 4.