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Potter = immortal genius

I have to share that Mr. Potter is a huge inspiration to me, and that the first time I saw "Dreamchild" (which was my introduction to Dennis' work... I think it was about 1986 or '87 when I first saw the movie), I was enthralled... Now, although it's a bit of a sidenote, but that film is extremely underrated and Ian Holm is just incredible in general (he's also amazing in "Brazil", "Naked Lunch", "The Sweet Hereafter", not to mention in tons of other films... his Bilbo Baggins is perfecto)... Anyhow, a beautiful film, and although Henson's puppets in "Dreamchild" are mind-blowing and exceptionally creepy, it's the script that was incredible....

That being said, I've been hooked on D.P. ever since... I have a lot of his stuff either in boxed sets or other (both vhs and dvd)... "The Singing Detective" is a landmark, and a total must-see for all people of the world... but "Lipstick On Your Collar" and "Cold Lazarus" are amaaaaaaazing too... I even enjoyed the "lite" version of "The Singing Detective" (which is very different and watered-down, but still neat)... "Track 29" is one of my biggest faves though... Is it out on dvd yet?

But the one thing to dig out or find... one of the best things I've ever, ever seen... "BLACKEYES"... Incredible... saw it at the USA Film Festival back in 1990 or so... Oh my god, the narrative structure!!! The disturbing situations... the sexiness... the secrets... the abusive childhood memories... the whole elektra complex... the objectification of women... the noir context, and the psychosexual subtext... You can still find the book... pick it up... "BLACKEYES" is amazing... I still have yet to read "Ticket To Ride"... and I need to see "Secret Friends"... but as for the other ones I mentioned, esp. "BLACKEYES", "The Singing Detective" (BBC Version, esp.), "Track 29", "Lipstick On Your Collar", "Dreamchild", "Cold Lazarus", "Pennies From Heaven" (both versions)... but wow, "BLACKEYES"... is...


Had to share...


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